I can speak a little bit Thai => Chan Pood Pasa Thai Dai Nid Noi

I can speak a little bit Thai => Chan Pood Pasa Thai Dai Nid Noi
Greetings and Civilities:
ka the female polite particle
krub the male polite particle

Before you learn any Thai words, you should know how to use “Ka” and “Krub”. These words are added to the end of sentences to make them sound polite.

you say: sawadee ka (if you are women), sawasdee krub (if you are man)

English Thai ภาษาไทย
Hello / Welcome / Good Sawadee Krub / Ka
How are you? Sa bai dee mai
I am fine Sa bai dee mai
I am not well   Mai sabai
Thank you Kob Koon Krub / Ka
Excuse me / sorry Kor Tot
Pardon? A rai na?
Never mind / No problem Mai pen rai
Fun Sanook
Comfortable / Well Sabai
Are you well? Sabai dee mai?
Tasty / Delicious  A-roi
Westerner Farang
This Nee
That Nun
Can you reduce the price? Lot noi dai mai
Want Ow
Don't want  Mai ow
Good Luck  Chok Dee
See you again Leaw pob kan mai
temple wat
canal klong
road, lane tanon
pier thaa
airport sanam bin
hotel rong ram
restaurant raan a han
police station sa ta nee tum ruat
sub way rod fai dai din
railway station sa ta nee rod fai
market ta laad
Which one? an nai
How? yang rai
how much tao rai
how many kee an
what a rai
when mer rai
where tee nai
why tam mai
Where are you going? Pai nai
What are you doing? Tam a rai
Adjectives & Adverbs:
yes / no chai / mai chai
full / hungry eim / hew
hot / cold ron / yen
beautiful / ugly suay / mai suay
here / there tee nee / tee nan
tall / short soong / tia
expensive / cheap paeng / tuk
big / small yai / lek
One Neung
Two Song
Three Sam
Four See
Five Ha
Six Hok
Seven Jet
Eight Paed
Nine Gao
Ten Sip
Eleven Sip Ed
Twelve Sip Song
Thirteen Sip Sam
Twenty Yee Sip
Thirty Sam Sip
Forty See Sip
Hundred Roi
Thousand Pan
Ten Thousand Mern
Hundred Thousand Saen
Million Lan

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