BKK-B32 : Crocodile Farm & Elephant Show -Sampran

Overview :
Visit the world largest Elephant Theme shows . Watch Elephant working activites, dancing show and cannot be missed it the International Elephant football match! One of the most exhilarating part of the show is the historical Mighty War, “Yutha Hathi”. See for yourself one of the most thrilling show, the world famous Crocodile Wrestling show.

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Duration :
1/2 day afternoon
Price : 950 THB
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Program Details:
Duration:               Half Day afternoon, Daily
12:00:                    pick up at hotel in the city
 12:45                     arrive Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo where it offers visitors a chance to see a thrilling crocodile show featuring a master crocodile catcher wrestling crocodiles in the traditional of Krai Thong, the most famous crocodile hunter in Thai legend Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo has all the facilities of a great family playground and was accredited by CITES as maintaining, “One of the cleanest and most impressive public displays of crocodiles in the world” The large variety of orchids, especially the famous Cattleya, which won first prize at the Ninth World Orchid Conference in 1978, helps add to the park like atmosphere

enjoy the spectacular Elephant Theme Show. You will be entertained by elephant demonstration of elephant at work, dance, and their football match. See for yourself how elephants are rounded up and used during battles in ancient Siam war fought on elephant back called 'Yutha Hathi.

See an exciting show of Crocodile Wrestling Showbetween two men and crocodiles. This is one of the world’s most impressive crocodile shows since 1991.
Enjoy Magic Show and orchid nursery.
17.00:                   arrive back at hotel in Bangkok

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