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Bangkok night life would not be completed without a visit to the Calypso Cabaret, a must for tourists The Calypso Cabaret is one of the greatest performances in Thailand. The beautiful performers (lady boys) offer an evening of laughter, dazzling, light & sound, lots of fun which you will love it. It’s says if you see one you see them all.

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Price : 900 THB
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Since Calypso decided to create a show which should be different, Helas - how that In the show bussiness many curtains were red, many legs were long and feathers on top of all. And yet, there was that vision and that urge to try - and since we do. With red curtains and long legs and feathers, too and with that one shining detail, which is by now CALYPSO's trademark.
The human being's natural beauty - live on stage. We constantly strip down decorations and costumes to the bare necessities. We minimize choreographic ambitions and create choreographies , which highlight the specific talents and abilities of our actors and actresses. We do not cater to any markets or fashions or trends. 
Show Time:   2 rounds;      7.30 pm or
                                            9.00 pm.
Show location:   Asiatique, which is a new happening place for locals and tourists, where you will find a lot of shops and good local food. It is on a river bank and there you can see the Calypso show. Guide will advise you how to get there. This place has become a must to visit when in you visit Bangkok.   So don't miss out. 

Inclusive: One drink at the show

Exclusive: Round trip transfer  200 THB/person 

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