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Situated about 80km north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya is a Thai city which used to be a prosperous international trading port. Remnants of the old city are still scattered about in the form of headless Buddha statues, monasteries, crumbling temples and brick ruins now known as the Ayutthaya Historical park. In 1991 this area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site so if you’re a history lover, Ayutthaya has culture and history to discover in bucket loads. Many intersected canals snake through the town, home to local houseboats and shop boats.

Explore Ayutthaya’s Culture and History with a Tour Package

Start your day off with a tour of Ayutthaya’s historical and architectural heritage. Drink in the beautiful sights of the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace and gasp in wonder at the ruins of the Ayutthaya old temples. The palace was originally built by a 17th century Thai king and maintained by kings that followed. Some temples you’ll discover on the tour are; Wat Yai Chaimongkol, Wat Phrasrisanphet and Wat Phra Non, which showcases an impressive 8-metre-high reclining Buddha. Enjoy your tour in a group, privately, by cruise or by a mix of cruise and road.

AY-01: Ayutthaya & Bang Pa in Summer Palace (by road) Group

AY-01B: Ayutthaya & Bang Pa in Summer Palace (by road) Private Only

AY-02: Ayutthaya & Bang Pa In Summer Palace (by cruise)

AY-03: Ayutthaya & Bang Pa In Summer Palace (cruise & road)