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WE Tour Thailand are proud to be part of the society to better the world.

WE would like to invite you to help to better the world.

By joining any tour programs  of “Bangkok Walking Tours”, “Off Beaten Track- Bangkok”  100 Baht/ tour/person from each client (from tour price) will be donated to The Foundation for Slum Child Care

"Slum dwellers confront so many problems and difficulties, especially in trying to make ends meet. Consequently, quality time and attention given to the care and nurturing of children and the enhancement of their lives are overlooked and neglected, especially by fathers. Our Foundation is gratified that through our activities targeting both mothers and fathers, many parents have improved their attitudes and behaviors toward child rearing. We are particularly heartened to see fathers become more loving, caring and understanding of their children and appreciating and enjoying spending time with them. This is a significant result for Thai society where fathers do not participate much in the rearing and upbringing of their children."

Dr Juree Vichit-Vadakan
President of the Foundation for Slum Child Care

Thank you for kind thoughts for the children.
Together we can give our children a better life.

WE Tour Thailand Team!