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Thai Buddhist Wedding Packages

Are you looking for an oriental way to celebrate your wedding?

We Tour Thailand will turn your dream into reality! We would like to offer you one of the most precious moment together, the memorable Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony!700_13117530314e2fc347d6fd4

The ceremony normally takes place in the morning at a royal  temple.choose Wat Benjamaborpitalso known as Marble Temple, one of the Royal temples to be the holy wedding place for the new wed.

The process is that 1-2 days before the wedding day, we will take you to try out the traditional Thai wedding attire so you can decide what you will be wearing and they can adjust the costume for both of you to fit you well. (shoes not included,)

wedding-1(1)Early morning on the wedding day (should not be later than 8 a.m.), our professional makeup artist will meet you at your hotel to do your hair and makeup, making you the most beautiful lady on that day. The Groom and the Bride are dressed in elegant traditional Thai wedding costume and wear Flower Garlands (every Thai wedding couple has to wear the garland made of jasmines one each) The Groom and the Bride get picked up from the hotel by air-conditioned and transfer to Temple. The photographer will meet you at the Marble Temple.(if you wish the photographer to take your photos while making up, please let us know,)

Once you arrive the temple, you will be taking some shots before entering the ceremony. Our staff will greet you there and help you out at temple.

The Bride and the Groom enter the temple main hall and greet the monks . The couple enters the main hall and prays homage to the Buddha by lighting of candles and incense. You will be seated in front of monks, (please do not point your feet to them) When it is the appropriated time, monks start Buddhist chanting and blessing, echoing throughout the hall.

wedding-3Blessing takes around 30 -45 minutes. The Groom and Bride offer alms or food to monks. The head monk will then sprinkle holy water lightly on your heads and all over your body and prayers will be said for your own family and friends.

The monks wear a Mongkol (Buddhist white rope) on your heads joining both of you together as a sign of starting life together forever. The monks will bless you by putting 3 dots of white powder on your foreheads. Blessing is over, Bride and Groom take a break before continue taking photos inside main hall and around temple. After that we will take you to have more shooting at Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn or outside Grand palace. You may take as many photos as you wish. The CD of your wedding pictures will be given to you 3-4 days after the wedding. (CD to be delivered to your hotel in Bangkok, if you need it to be couriered please let us know)

Please Note: Unlike many traditional wedding ceremonies of the west, in Buddhism there is no kissing allowed inside the temple, in front of the Monks or at the closing of the ceremony.


Duration: Half day morning or afternoon

“I do” Package

“I choose You” package

“Marry You” package