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Top 5 Tours in Thailand

The Land of Smiles: once the Kingdom of Siam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Offering hundreds of islands all with perfect sandy beaches, each with their own distinctive features, get ready to enjoy the fun!


1. One Day Tour – James Bond + Canoe by Speedboat

Every bit as exciting as its title suggests, visitors are taken by speedboat to the spectacular Phang-nga National Bay and Marine National Park. Transported by canoe along the mangrove river, curious stalactite caves and impressive limestone cliffs provide a fascinating backdrop. If you don’t feel like James Bond yet, you will when you arrive at Khao Pin Gun and Khao Tapoo, known as James Bond Island.  “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed around the iconic rock formation and emerald blue waters. You will certainly feel like a star when you arrive at Koh Panyee for a sea food lunch before cruising back to your hotel. To quote James Bond himself as he raised his glass of champagne: “To this moment and to the moment to come”.


2. One Day Tour – Kayaking at Ao Thalane

What better way to see beautiful mangroves forests, impressive mountains and the mysterious caves of Ao Thalane than by paddling down river in a kayak. Glide through the dense foliage of the mangrove forests, encountering crocodile caves, fabulous exotic birds and chattering monkeys along the way. After lunch, a drive to a fresh water river awaits where you can swim and relax for the rest of the afternoon. Make no mistake. This is a fun tour that captures the imagination. As you glide through the magical mangrove forests stopping to swim in sparkling clear rivers, you can believe you’ve been transported to another place, another time and perhaps even another you?


3. Full Day Jungle Tour – Hot Springs and Emerald Pool

This tour really is a fun packed adventure in which you are transported to the rain forests to enjoy fabulous hot springs. The water in the springs stay at 40-50 Celsius but what really captures the imagination is the gorgeous aqua-marine colour of the water which settles into fascinating pools hollowed out by millions of years of rock erosion.   These pools probably provide the best spa treatment you will ever experience. Invigorated and refreshed you will  then hike into the rain forests and the iconic Emerald Pool: a truly magical sight that lives up to its name. After a leisurely soak the tour finishes with a visit the Buddhist Temple which was originally called the tiger cave because of the large tiger print still visible as you enter the temple.


4. 2 in 1 Floating Market and Thai Cultural Show

Thailand is renowned for its vibrant colours and cultural activities and there is no shortage of either on this tour. You will be transported to Damnoen Saduak floating market by long-tailed canoe. As you journey along the canal, passing through coconut and exotic fruit plantations, don’t’ relax too much because you will soon join the floating market where your senses will be assailed by the glorious colours, smells and bustle of market life. Here you can taste fresh tropical fruit delicious vegetables and fresh noodles, all washed down with the best coconut juice you will ever taste.   You will then be delivered to the Rose Garden to spend the afternoon savouring the delights of Thai culture. There are sword fights, intriguing Fingernail dances, Boxing , and Hill Tribe dances.  Get to know Thailand. This tour offers fun, colour, culture and tropical food at its freshest.


5. River Kwai Delight (A stay at River Kwai Jungle Raft)

For something really different spend two days on the River Kwai. You will transported to the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre: an interactive museum which all the family will enjoy, followed by a visit to the Allied War Cemetery a fascinating history of the Burma-Siam railway built by thousands of allied prisoners of war; 6,000 of whom perished at the hands of enemy forces. The iconic bridge over the River Kwai is a ‘not to be missed’ opportunity to see part of the Death Railway which was also constructed by allied prisoners. The bridge was made famous by the film of the same name. Visitors are then taken by long-tailed boats to Jungle Rafts where they will stay overnight. Day two  is spent jungle trekking and elephant riding which are both optional activities. The whole tour is rounded off by an historic ride on the Death Railway Train.

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