1 Transfer

No Stress, No Panic, No Rip off when arrive at the airport. Let us take you to your hotel comfortably and safely!

WE TOUR THAILAND provides transportation services in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, Phuket and other destinations around Thailand. Our professional chauffeurs will take you to your destination safely.

All vehicles are air-conditioned and in perfect conditioned

Airport Transfer & Hotel Transfer
We transfer you from Airport (Suvanabhumi or Don Muang) or Port to your hotel and vice versa.  Our friendly chauffeurs will meet you, holding you a sign of your name inside the arrival hall (the 2nd floor) at DOOR 3.

Transportation for Business Trip  
Stress free with our service to provide you the cost effective way while on business trip. Whether to see your clients, suppliers, factory visiting, exhibition in or outside Bangkok we provide you all sort of transport from managing level to executives.  Please contact us. for enquiry

Golfing or Sporting
Enjoy your leisure time golfing.  With our VIP Van service, super service, clean and comfortable, this will make you have many Under-Pars. Please contact us. for enquiry

Transfer Price (THAI BAHT)
DistanceBangkokCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
30 kmBKK Suvarnabhumi Airport – Downtown1,1001,500
25 kmDon Muang Airport – Downtown1,1001,500
1 DayRoundtrip Bangkok – Golf Course in Bangkok3,0003,300
150 kmBangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport – Pattaya1,7002,500
Bangkok City Tour 8 am – 6 pm (excld. toll,parking)3,2003,500
180 kmBangkok City -Pattaya1,9002,700
170 kmDon Muang Airport – Pattaya2,0002,800
400 kmBangkok City –  Koh Chang (excld. ferry ticket)5,0005,500
220 kmBangkok – Hua Hin2,5003,500
130 kmBKK or DMK Airport/Bangkok City – Kanchanaburi2,8003,500
76 kmBKK or DMK Airport/Bangkok City – Ayutthaya2,2002,900
180 kmBKK or DMK Airport/Bangkok City – Khao Yai3,5003,800
DistancePattayaCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
150 kmPattaya – BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport 1,7002,800
170 kmPattaya – Don Muang Airport2,0003,300
180 kmPattaya -Bangkok City 1,9002,700
DistanceHua HinCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
220 kmHua Hin – Bangkok City2,5003,500
250 kmBKK Suvarnabhumi or  Don Muang Airport – Hua Hin2,5003,500
DistancePhuketCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
32 kmPhuket Airport – Phuket Town1,0001,500
40 kmPhuket Airport – Patong Beach1,2001,500
28 kmPhuket Airport – Kamala Beach1,2001,500
45 kmPhuket Airport – Panwa Cape1,5001,800
189 kmPhuket – Krabi Town / Ao Nang Beach4,0004,500
DistanceKrabiCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
18 kmKrabi Airport – Krabi Town7001,000
33 kmKrabi Airport – Ao Nang Beach8001,100
40 kmKrabi Airport – Klong Muang Beach9001,300
42 kmKrabi Airport – Tup Kaek Beach1,1001,500
171 kmKrabi Airport /Krabi Town – Phuket Town3,0003,800
DistanceSamuiCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
6-7 kmSamui Airport – Chaweng /  Bophut / Maenam8001,000
18 kmSamui Airport – Lamai / Hua Thanon 1,0001,400
25 kmFerry Pier Nathorn – Hotel in Samui1,2001,400
DistanceChiang MaiVan (4 ppl +)
10 kmChiang Mai Airport – Chiang Mai Down town800
15 kmChiang Mai Airport – The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai900
35 kmChiang Mai Airport – Mae Sa (Veranda High Resort)1,500
185 kmChiang Mai Down town – Chiang Rai Down town4,500
245 kmChiang Mai Down town – Golden Triangle4,900
DistanceChiang RaiVan (4 ppl +)
12 kmChiang Rai Airport to Chiang Rai Down town800
70 kmChiang Rai Downtown – Golden Triangle2,000
185 kmChiang Rai Down town to Chiang Mai Down town4,000
DistanceKoh ChangCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
400 kmKoh Chang -Bangkok City /BKK or DMK  (excld. ferry ticket)5,0005,500
DistanceKhao YaiCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
180 kmKhao Yai – BKK Suvarnabhumi or  Don Muang Airport/Bangkok City2,2003,800
DistanceKanchanaburi   Car (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
130 kmKanchanaburi city – BKK Suvarnabhumi or  Don Muang Airport/Bangkok City2,8003,800
DistanceAyutthayaCar (2-3 ppl)Van (4 ppl +)
76 kmAyutthaya – BKK Suvarnabhumi or  Don Muang Airport/Bangkok City2,2003,100

2 Train or Bus Ticket Booking

If you desire you see more of Bangkok, traveling with inland transport by train or bus is also a good idea. Tell us your desired transportation (bus or train), your destination, date you want to travel, we can arrange the tickets and deliver it for you at your hotels (downtown) upon your arrival in Bangkok.

Train: Air-conditioned

3 Domestic Airline Ticket

Send us your inquiry for Airline Ticket booking