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Why Booking a Tour while Travelling in Thailand is a good Idea

35,381,220 tourists arrived in Thailand in 2017 to experience the culture, scenery, beaches and food on offer in the Land of Smiles. Bangkok was the most visited country in the world in 2016.  So why do tourists flock to the former Kingdom of Siam? The answer is simple. Where else can you get delicious spicy street food cooked in front of your eyes, luxury beach hotels, beautiful island hopping weather, Buddhist temples, elephant rides; trips through the mangrove forests, and the beautiful pink water lily lakes that bloom into life from November to February. There is so much to experience! Should you book a tour? Here are three very good reasons why you should:


Visit fascinating places:


Ban Baat: There is nothing worse than missing out on fascinating places simply because you didn’t know they were there. Take for instance Ban Baat. Visitors often find this village as a result of taking a tour. Ban Baat is a traditional village and still hand-makes bàat or the ‘Monks Bowl’. The village is the only surviving community that makes this bowl. They were originally used by local monks to receive food donations. Ban Baat offers tourists the opportunity to see the bowl being made by artisans in the village. Wat Maha That is another destination that could be overlooked in the scurry to see as much of Thailand as possible. Wat Maha That is a 14th century Temple where you will find the renowned Buddha head in tree roots. The iconic stone head of a Buddha entwined in the tree roots was almost destroyed in the Thai-Burmese War. No one is sure how it got there so making this visit part of a daylong tour adds fascination to your cultural experiences of Thailand. Don’t forget to take your camera.


Experience the City Sights without getting lost:


Booking a city walking tour enables visitors to experience the real cultural life of the city. Tour guides are experts at guiding visitors safely and effectively round all city sites. Join a tour that begins with a Bangkok taxi boat. This is what the people of Bangkok use to get to work in the morning.  Rub shoulders with the locals without feeling overwhelmed.  A tour guide will negotiate your journey into the city effortlessly and in the mean time you can enjoy the sights and sounds without fear of getting lost. Walking round a strange city can be daunting.  A city walking tour guide will direct you to the most colourful local shops where you can browse traditions products and maybe even barter a little. Visitors taking the Bangkok Safari City Walking Tour also get the chance to visit one of the most spectacular flower markets in Thailand: Pak Klong Talat,  where they can enjoy spectacular displays of orchids, Jasmine and other exotic flowers. Here’s your chance to press a delicate orchid between the pages of your guide book: a scented memory of your adventure.


Plan a Personal Tour

You may already know what you want to do and see when you visit Thailand. We Tour Thailand provide visitors with the opportunity to design their own tours, so they can get the most from their holiday. This couldn’t be better for group holiday makers who want to ensure that everyone gets to do their favourite things such as kayaking, snorkelling, walking or hiking with the odd massage thrown in maybe. It couldn’t be easier. Just tell the tour company what interests you and they will plan your trip around you needs. You may want a fully guided tour throughout your holiday, or you may plan just one tour: perhaps your dream tour. That’s the hard part. With so much to see and do in Thailand, designing your perfect holiday may take you longer than you thought, so start planning.

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